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Our infant classroom is for children 6 weeks through 14m of age. (or developmentally ready). The utmost Importance is given to maintain consistency of care between home and the center with regards to infant scheduling. A daily record is kept while your baby is with us. The daily record records feeding, how much they eat, what time they were fed, the number of ounces of formula or breast milk that was drank, bowel movements, bladder habits and what time they were changed. Their nap times and wake-up times will also be recorded. Developmental milestones are documented and shared with you at pick-up. We do require a minimum of 3 days a week for the children under 2, years of age, as this does help develop and maintain a consistent schedule and routine. Children are transitioned to the toddler 1 room when they are developmentally ready. This decision will be made by the director with the parents, approval.

**Tuition rates are based on the child's "primary" classroom during the transition period when transitioning to another classroom**


Roo’s Corner provides a developmentally appropriate program which includes all the following areas:

- Physical Developmental: Including large & small motor activities

  • Social Development-including positive self-concept & self-esteem
  • Language/Communication
  • Cognitive Development
  • Literacy & Mathematics
  • Intellectual Development
  • Science & Technology
  • Social Studies
  • The Arts
  • Quiet, Active & Directed Play
  • Individual & Small/Large Group Play


We offer an Individualized schedule for your infant based upon his or her needs. Infants are changed, fed and nap on demand. We provide each parent with a daily report through our “daily connect” app which includes all aspects of your infant care throughout the day. Your infant’s daily report will be emailed to you daily at pick-up. 

Listed below are some learning objectives for the children who participate in our program. All children are not expected to reach every goal since there are large differences in development. Children develop at their own rate. These goals & learning objectives are offered as guideposts for graduating students into the next age appropriate class.

Infant 6 weeks-12 months


  • Lift head up/Sit up
  • Roll over/Stand up on own
  • Walk with help of objects/walks alone


  • Wiggle fingers and toes/Smile or laugh
  • Feed themselves/use sippy cup
  • Hold own bottle or object/Patty cake


  • Recognizes people/objects/animals
  • Turning pages in a book
  • Able to put shapes in appropriate shaped holes


  • Use single word sentences/Waving “Hi” or “Bye”/Blow kisses
  • Point to objects


  • Play with other children
  • Tries to share
  • Learning no biting/no hitting


  • Feed themselves finger foods
  • Gets toys for themselves
  • Uses sippy cup
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