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Toddler 2 Room

Our Toddler 2 classroom is for children 2 years-3 years old. In our Toddler classroom children are continuing to strengthen their skills of independence. We encourage them to communicate their needs with words, to interact with friends, they are introduced to shapes, colors, alphabet, simple letter recognition and counting. Our daily routines include activities such as art, sensory experiences, gross motor activities, outdoor play, story time, and small circle time. Children learn from interacting with one another and watching their friends. Socialization is very important for this age level.

This class is all about transitioning from diapers to using the potty along with many other important developmental milestones. Children will work on increasing language, independence, social skills, self-help and routines. Our play-based environment encourages experimentation and creativity. Our classroom is equipped with developmentally appropriate materials that challenge children’s ability and encourages them to explore.

The caregiver’s role in a play-based environment is the play partner. The child and caregiver work together to make plans and determine what activities will be available. The caregiver is available to children to help resolve problems and redirect play when needed. Children are able to transition into our preschool classroom when they are fully potty trained. This is something that the parent and the director will discuss before this transition takes place. 

**Tuition rates are based on the child's "primary" classroom during the transition period when transitioning to another classroom**


Roo’s Corner provides a developmentally appropriate program which includes all the following area:

  • Physical Developmental: Including large & small motor activities
  • Social Development-including positive self-concept & self-esteem
  • Language/Communication
  • Cognitive Development
  • Literacy & Mathematics
  • Intellectual Development
  • Science & Technology
  • Social Studies
  • The Arts
  • Quiet, Active & Directed Play
  • Individual & Small/Large Group Play

Listed below are some learning objectives for the children who participate in our program. All children are not expected to reach every goal since there are large differences in development. Children develop at their own rate. These goals & learning objectives are offered as guideposts for graduating students into the next age appropriate class.

Toddler 2 years-3 years


  • Catches and throws ball with some accuracy
  • Jumps with 2 feet without loosing balance
  • Rides a tricycle
  • Moves body to music 


  • Holds crayon with fingers rather than a fist
  • Uses scissors
  • Strings beads


  • Understands daily routine
  • Names primary colors (red, blue, yellow)
  • Counts from 1-15
  • Names basic shapes (square, circle, triangle)


  • Uses short sentences to convey simple ideas
  • Follows simple directions
  • Uses words to describe feelings and needs


  • Able to control anger
  • Understands taking turns
  • Shows empathy toward others


  • Puts on coat, socks, and shoes unassisted
  • Feeds self without spilling
  • Takes responsibility for picking up toys
  • Toilets self-unassisted
  • Washes and dries own hands
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