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PRESCHOOL/YOUNG PRESCHOOL PROGRAM (Full Day) - 33m old-4 year old RATES 2023

*potty trained

Preschool Curriculum

Our program features the Creative Curriculum. Creative Curriculum focuses on the belief that children learn best by doing. Therefore, our program offers many hands-on activities. We want the children to become active learners using all their senses (touching, tasting, listening, smelling, and looking.) The curriculum is “play” based because play is work for young children. Through play the foundation is laid for more advanced academic learning. Young children are curious, excited learners; we expand on their interests and develop learning opportunities throughout the day. The preschool program introduces your child to explore with puzzles, books, riding toys, & dramatic play. Children also have the opportunity to be creative with art projects as well. A good sense of language is gained through circle time, story time, songs, etc. We use and follow the “Creative Curriculum Learning Objectives”. Our preschool curriculum follows the school year (September-May); each month you will be given a Parent Newsletter & Calendar, so that you are aware of the learning objectives for the month as well as any upcoming events.

Listed below are some learning objectives for the children who participate in our program. All children are not expected to reach every goal since there are large differences in development. Children develop at their own rate. These goals & learning objectives are offered as guideposts for graduating students into the next age-appropriate class. Children MUST be 33 months old & to be enrolled in our young preschool/preschool program. 

Our Young Preschool Program is designed for children 33 months of age and older that are developmentally ready to move into a preschool setting. Children MUST BE developmentally ready to be transitioned into the young preschool/preschool classroom. A few development signs that show us that your child is ready to make this transition is their self-help skills, are they able to do things for themselves, follow multiple step directions, sit quietly during small or large group time without interruptions, cognitively are they able to use writing utensils, share and understand what other friends are saying, social/emotionally are they able to keep their bodies to themselves, do they understand boundaries, are they able to manage their emotions, do they have minimal meltdowns, can they accept teacher support during these moments of strong emotion. All these things go into effect to determine when a child is ready to transition. We will work closely with the family, child and teachers to determine when the child is ready for this transition. 

Our 4 year old preschool program is designed for children that are getting ready to transition to begindergarten or kindergarten. These children might turn 5 mid-way through the year but are headed to school at the end of our program July 30th. We do not offer summer care for these older children as I believe they need a more challenging environment where they can explore nature, have the opportunity to go on field trips and engage with older children.  These children do graduate from our preschool program July 30th.. 

**Tuition rates are based on the child's "primary" classroom during the transition period when transitioning to another classroom**



  • Imitates modeled caregiver actions/moves body to music
  • Has age appropriate balance and coordination
  • Simple somersault
  • Hops/jumps, walks/runs/climbs with ease
  • Stacks/builds with blocks


  • Zips, buttons, snaps, ties
  • Uses scissors, crayons, paintbrush
  • Puts together 5-12-piece puzzle
  • Copies simple shapes
  • Pours rice, sand, etc. with little spilling


  • Able to follow 3 simple directions
  • Gives first and last names upon request
  • Knows basic shapes, colors/can count 1-20
  • Able to sort and classify objects/can recognize simple AB pattern


  • Uses words to express feelings
  • Participates as a speaker and a listener/Able to sit at circle time
  • Listens attentively and recounts events from stories
  • Remembers words/motions to songs and fingerplays


  • Can play independently or with others/can wait briefly for own turn
  • Follows established rules/respects property of others
  • Separates easily from parents
  • Shows pride in accomplishments
  • Enjoys conversations with children and adults
  • Enjoys fantasy play
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